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Who we are

Mission Statement

To facilitate services and enhance access to care for vulnerable populations by raising funds to support underfunded older adults.
Challenges of Aging in Place

When your loved ones become ill, injured, or just don’t have the ability to take care of themselves they need help.

Families experience financial hardships due to gaps in traditional insurance reimbursement for needed care services and equipment.

This is because aging in place and rehabilitation services are often limited by insurance.

Family members may become exhausted from caring for their loved one and will need help at home with everything from personal hygiene care to companionship.

Additionally, in many cases they may not have the resources to modify their home or purchase needed equipment.

For people who live alone just getting groceries, picking up prescriptions, or getting to a doctor’s appointment can be big obstacles.


These financial burdens can be devastating and can lead to a person being institutionalized or even worse they may get no help at all.

Who Can Benefit


Alzheimer’s/Dementia Patients

Cancer Patients

Hospice Patients

Traumatic Brain Injury


Parkinson’s Patients

Persons with disabilities

Respite Patients

Palliative Patients

Stroke Partients

ALS Patients

The health care industry is seeing unprecedented increases in the amount of caregivers needed to help seniors age in place safely. Everything from caregiver services to community services and the costs associated are in drastic need.


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